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Powershell for Azure

If you’re like me, and need to get the Azure module installed on your Windows 10 machine, you may come accross some interesting gotchas on  new builds that I thought this post could help...


Enable fingerprint unlock on iPhone/iPad

I get so many people that still don’t know about the fingerprint security feature on iPhone 5S and later.  I figured it’s time for a post on how to setup touch ID for those that...

Share Music

New App, 2songz is now available

OK folks, 2 Songz is available. Share your iPhone with one set of headphones and listen to different songs through each ear bud. Get it now for iPhone @ Spread the word !

backup button banner

Backup time! Top 6 tips so you don’t lose everything

Backup, It’s a boring topic isn’t it.  You don’t see any fun graphics. You don’t get some cool picture or video to share on Facebook. No kind of achievement or bonus points.  What you...