At the moment, I’m  juggling a family of 4 kids and have plenty of hobbies.  Like everyone, the challenge is making them pay so I can do them full time and retire early ! There’s some links below to a few different things I’m trying.  At the moment the hot topic is 3D printing.

My 3D printing YouTube channel is here @3DPrintSmith and I’ll post some time lapses, tips and general 3d printing info that I’ve found useful.   I’m just starting this one so you can help me out here by subscribing and commenting on the videos. If there’s anything you want to see from the world of 3D printing, let me know.

You can see all  currently available iPhone apps on the app store here. Its been a while since I’ve worked on any of those apps so I don’t know if they’ll all still be working with the latest iOS updates. I’ve stopped updating and working on apps but if you have an idea for something and want to work together I’m open to explore if it sounds interesting.

I have some swag  up on Redbubble as well if you want some geek style. you can get shirts, hoodies, mugs, bags, anything really.  RedBubble Store and I can work on any requests if you have anything you want.  BUT, even better, check out my daughter Amelia’s store who’s a much better artist than me. Little Ivy Tree

You can also support my early retirement by purchasing through my Amazon affiliate link ! !

Of course, Insta as well